In our 2019 SPARK series, participants will gain the skills and confidence to prepare for, plan and host their own dance party! Participants will attend four skills based workshops, from learning how to develop new friendships and/or romantic interests to killing it on the dance floor. In the months leading up to the dance party, participants will break into committees to take on specific tasks in preparation of hosting their big event!

SPARK participants will:

  • Explore and develop healthy friendships and/or romantic interests
  • Build community
  • Develop appropriate conversation and interaction skills
  • Navigate and cope with conflict or teasing
  • Learn appropriate social media/texting/email usage and etiquette
  • Plan and host successful get togethers
  • Develop autonomy and self confidence

Criteria for SPARK participants:

  • Ages 13-17
  • On autism spectrum and/or any other developmental disability
  • A desire to develop friendships
  • Willingness to explore and practice conversation and interaction skills
  • Participate within a group independently or with a non-family support aide (preferably one close to participant’s age as to not feel chaperoned). Non-family support aides attend SPARK workshops for FREE.
  • All communication preferences welcome and supported (AAC, FC, etc.)
  • Not forced to join SPARK

Registration Information

Registration to the SPARK Social Club includes four guided-experience, social skills building workshops, party planning committee meetings and the dance party. Participants are required to attend all sessions. Registration fee covers costs for all workshops, materials, snacks, refreshments and activities.

Parents/caregivers are strongly encouraged not to attend SPARK workshops, but are welcome at the dance party.

Support aides attend free of charge (if applicable).

How to register

Fill out Application form

We have reached capacity for this SPARK series. Stay tuned for the next SPARK series in winter/spring 2020. Please contact to be placed on a waitlist.


A SPARK Social Club director will contact you to schedule an in-person or phone meeting to discuss your interest in joining this SPARK series and share details about the program.


Once you are confirmed to join this SPARK series, you will be sent a registration form.

If you have further questions, please contact